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Dynamics Sales CRM

Empower Your Sales Team to Sell More, Using Less

With game-changing AI-driven predictive analytics, intelligent automations and real-time insights, Dynamics Sales empowers innovation and exceptional sales operations.

Enable your Sales team to intelligently automate their workflows and access intelligent insights into customer buying patterns and the health of prospect relationships, enabling them to create more sales, while AI does the heavy lifting.

Remove The Obstacles To Seamless Sales

Sales is an artful science. By empowering your team to spend more time with your customers and prospects, while enabling insights that unlock more personalised and timely interventions, you create more sales and deeper relationships. Dynamics Sales helps you to achieve this by alleviating these challenges:

Ineffective Sales Forecasting

Dynamics Sales CRM uses AI driven tools for predictive analytics, improving the accuracy of sales forecasting and empowering your strategic planning.

Poor Lead Management

Dynamics Sales CRM is able to intelligently organise and categorise leads, enabling your sales team to effective prioritise and manage leads with more targeted and timely follow-ups.

Inefficient Sales Processes

Dynamics Sales CRM lets you wave goodbye to repetitive tasks and gives your sales team more time to take on higher-value tasks and build relationships.

Limited Collaboration in Sales Team

Dynamics Sales CRM fosters collaboration by providing a centralized platform for team communication, task management, and shared insights.

Find Out How Dynamics Sales CRM Can Transform Your Business

Book a meeting with us to get personalised insights and guidance on how Dynamics Sales can empower your sales success. 

Drive Sales, Accelerate Revenue, Deepen Relationships

Make Sales Management Effortless: Drive efficiency by using AI to intelligently automate sales workflows, playbooks and product management. The Sales CRM interface makes it easy to navigate leads, access insights, and provide value across the whole sales cycle. 

Unify Sales Collaboration and Communication: Break down silos with a centralised platform for communicating, sharing documents and managing tasks across your sales team, keeping your team on the same page and helping them to achieve more, using less. 

Smarter Sales Forecasting with Analytics: Use Dynamics Sales CRM’s analytics to forecast sales accurately, anticipate trends, gain insights into customers and customer groups, categorise the health of prospect relationships, and generate custom reports and powerful dashboards for monitoring your sales team’s KPIs and vitals.  

Master Your Market With Dynamics Sales CRM And CoPilot

Microsoft CoPilot is revolutionising work by automating tasks, providing AI-driven assistance and providing contextualised insights from your across your Microsoft client. It's fully integrated with Dynamics Sales CRM, offering powerful cutting-edge benefits.

Everon staff sat having a discussion

Close More Deals

CoPilot can undertake a range of tasks including contextualised and ‘in-voice’ email and document writing, as well as give highly personalised customer experiences with in-call insights, product and content suggestions, and post-call analysis to improve future interactions. 

Streamline Your Workflows

Automatically sync updates across your Microsoft platforms with each other, including Microsoft 365 and Dynamics, view contact cards seamlessly in your Microsoft product interfaces and integrate channels including Dynamics and Salesforce together 

Predict and Forecast Sales

Use data-driven analytics tools to map your sales team’s trajectory, discover opportunities and insights that can enhance performance and efficiency. Use intelligent dashboards and reporting features to stay on top with Sales performance across standard and customised metrics.

Powered by Everon

From ensuring seamless integration to truly tailored functionality for your business, we’re trusted implementation partners of Dynamics 365 for businesses of a range of sizes and industries. We offer end-to-end Dynamics 365 solutions that propel your business to achieve its goals, while remaining highly secure and compliant.

Find Out How Dynamics Sales CRM Can Transform Your Business

Book a meeting with us to get personalised insights and guidance on how Dynamics Sales can empower your sales success.